Bill Pay

Let us help you eliminate envelopes, stamps, and late fees! With Bill Pay, you can electronically initiate manual or automatic payments to third parties.

Bill Pay is great for:
  • Single, One-time Payments - like Donations or Subscriptions
  • Automatic Recurring Payments - such as Services
  • Periodically Recurring Payments - like Utilities and Bills

How Do I Access It?

Bill Pay is easily accessible from within your Online Banking account!
  1. If you don't currently use Online Banking, Enroll Now!
  2. Log into Online Banking using the Bar at the top of this website.
  3. Click the "Bill Pay" link on the left Navigations Menu

What Does It Cost?

When you sign up for Bill Pay, you must make at least 3 payments/transactions per monthly cycle to avoid a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95. More than 20 payments/transactions per monthly cycle will incur a $0.50 fee per additional payment/transaction.

How Does It Save Me Time & Money?

Let's say that each month you send a check to pay the following Bills: Electric, Gas, Cell Phone, Telephone & Internet, Cable Television, a House Mortgage, and Car Loan. In addition, you probably receive bills for medical expenses, car expenses, home repair, etc. That can easily add up to $40 or more per year in stamps alone!

That's a lot of checks! Even a responsible adult can easily miss one or two bills of those nearly 100 per year exampled above. With many late fees nearing or exceeding $15 each, it's easy to see how Bill Pay can save you time, headaches, and money!