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PHONE SCAM: Please be aware of a financial scam currently targeting 563-380-XXXX phone numbers. The recipient is notified of a "lockout" and asked to enter their financial information over the phone. NEVER give your financial information to an automated system via e-mail or phone.
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Tax Season Safety

Tax season traditionally sees larger fraud rates than other times of the year. One factor leading to increased crime is that everyone's private, confidential, sensitive data - like social security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, and birthdates - are being accessed and used. Tax season is often a complicated, confusing time of year for most of us and criminals take advantage of this situation by posing as Tax Accountants, Bankers, or even the IRS itself. Criminals want you to hand over your information willingly, and aren't only after your tax refund - they're after the money in your accounts, and after your Identity - which ultimately allows them to take out credit and loans in your name.

General Precautions

  • Don't be enticed by promises of bigger write-off or larger refunds. Consult your own tax professional instead.
  • If you are directly targeted to use a Tax Preparer or other Tax/Refund service that guarantees you receive your refund sooner, don't respond immediately. Do your own research to establish if the person/company is reputable, and contact them back. Offers that are too good to be true, often are.
  • When filing with a company, ensure they employ reputable Certified Tax Professionals. If using an online website or service, ask to contact one of the company's local Certified Tax Professionals first to verify the company's authenticity - especially if you've never used them before.
  • Avoid scams over the phone. The IRS initiates all important communications via mail service.

Be On-Guard If:

  • You are asked to provide sensitive information via an online web form, over e-mail, or via phone.
  • You are asked to participate in an IRS survey.
  • You are threatened in any way via phone or e-mail. The IRS communicates via mail service.
  • You receive an e-mail or visit a website with improper grammar or spelling errors - especially misspelled government agency names or terms.
  • You receive an e-mail or phone call concerning important tax law changes.

If you do your taxes online:

  • Use a reputable vendor with local agents available.
  • If you've never done your taxes online, contact a local agent for the online service first to verify the authenticity of a website service.
  • Ensure your computer has not been compromised, and is in good working order.
  • NEVER send confidential information over e-mail. Neither the IRS, nor reputable website services will EVER ask you to e-mail sensitive information. This is always entered securely online.
  • Use strong passwords for your login to online services.
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