Text Banker

Interact with your accounts via Text Messages (SMS) 24/7! Text a command to us at: BANKME ("226563")

Getting Started with Text Banker:

  1. Sign-up for Online Banking
  2. Enroll a Mobile Device in Text Banking
  3. Set-up Text Banker Account Access
  4. Start using Text Banker with the commands below!
  5. Read FAQ for more Information
phone with 1 new text message received alert

Quick Command Reference

Italics Represents Customer-Assigned Account Nickname

COMMAND Description Example
BAL Receive ALL balances BAL
HIST AcctName Account history HIST sav
XFER [From AcctName] [To AcctName] [Cents] Internal account transfer to transfer $100.00:
  XFER sav now 10000
HELP Bank contact information HELP
STOP Disable text banking on this device.
To re-enroll, log in to Online Banking.
LIST Show available commands LIST

Enroll a Mobile Device in Text Banking

Your mobile device must be registered before it can use the commands for Text Banking.
  1. Log into Online Banking. From the menu, click the "Settings" menu header
  2. Select "Text Enrollment"
  3. Slide "Text Enrollment" to the 'On' position and enter your mobile number
  4. You must agree to the terms and conditions
  5. Click 'Save' to update these settings
screenshot of text banking enrollment process in Online Banking

Set-up Text Banker Account Access

  1. Log into Online Banking. From the menu, click the "Settings" menu header
  2. Select "Account Preferences". Follow steps 3-6 for each account you'd like available to Text Banker:
  3. Click on the account's row. Select the 'Text' header/button under the account name/number
  4. Turn "SMS/Text Enrollment" to 'On'
  5. Assign a short (2 to 4 character) code for this account. For EXAMPLE:
      "SAV" for a single Savings Account;
      "CK" for a single Checking Account;
      "H1" for the smaller of two house loans;
      "H2" for the larger of two house loans, etc.
  6. Click the checkmark to save these settings
screenshot of account preferences menu in Online Banking

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Text Banker Free?

A: You will not be charged by Luana Savings Bank, so long as you do not use the system excessively. Maximum usage limits and charges, if set, will be published in our Fee Schedule. Check with your mobile service provider to see if your service plan includes Text Messaging, what your rates are, and for any other applicable service provider fees.

Q: My Phone was Stolen; What do I do?

A: Log into Online Banking, select "Mobile" from the "Preferences" menu. Click the "Text Banking" button/tab, and select "Opt out and disable text banking".

Q: I have a new Phone; do I need to do make any changes?

A: As long as your phone number did not change, you do not need to make any changes. If your phone number changed, log into Online Banking, select "Mobile" from the "Preferences" menu; click the "Text Banking" button/tab, and enter your new phone number.