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What can I do with Touch-Tone Banker?

  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Transfer among your Luana Savings Bank accounts
  • Inquire on last 6 withdrawals
  • Inquire on last 6 deposits
  • Inquire on ATM Transactions
  • Inquire about specific transactions by Check Number, Date, or Amount
  • Inquire on Interest Rates and Amounts
  • Loan Payoff Information
  • Last Loan Payment Info
  • Next Loan Payment Info
  • Maturity Date Inquiry
  • Receive location and ATM contact information

What I cannot do with Touch-Tone Banker:

  • Transfer money outside of Luana Savings Bank
  • Initiate Stop-Pays on Checks
  • Re-order Checks
  • Access Bill Pay
  • Transfer to a live representative

Call Menu Tree

touchtone banker call-in flowchart

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Touch-Tone Banker Free?

A: Yes! Luana Savings Bank does not charge a fee to use Touch-Tone Banker. Check with your voice service provider to ensure your plan provides enough minutes, what your rates are, and for any other applicable service provider fees.

Q: My Phone was Stolen; What do I do?

A: Touch-Tone Banker is not paired with your phone and does not need to be deactivated. However, if you're enrolled in Text Banker: Log into Online Banking, select "Mobile" from the "Preferences" menu. Click the "Text Banking" button/tab, and select "Opt out and disable text banking".

Q: I have a new Phone; do I need to do make any changes?

A: No; you may call the Touch-Tone Banker phone number from any phone, anywhere within the United States of America, Toll-Free.

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"Local People, Local Decisions, Local Investments"
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