Shazam BOLT$

Further protect your Luana Savings Bank debit card accounts with SHAZAM BOLT$!  BOLT$ offers convenient debit card management wherever the road may take you!

Luana Savings Bank debit card holders can use SHAZAM BOLT$ for the following:

  1. Transaction Control - Turn debit cards on or off, temporarily blocking future transactions if a card has been lost or you're away from home.
  2. 24/7 Fraud Alerts - Receive fraud alerts via e-mail, text, or app notifications.
  3. Transaction Alerts - Configure custom alerts to be notified of purchases and account activity via e-mail, text message, or app notifications.
  4. Check Debit Card Account Balances
  5. Search for ATM Locations Nationwide

Access SHAZAM BOLT$ conveniently through:

Download Shazam Bolt$ Quick Guide