New or Expanding Local Business Loans

Luana Savings Bank offers up to 18 Million Dollars in low-interest rate loans for New Businesses or Existing Businesses looking to expand in the communities that we operate within.

(Our benefits are in addition to all county and state development program benefits also being offered).

Why finance with Us?

  • We are Community-Focused and Community-Driven
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • Loan officers with experience in all types of business
  • Your success is our success; if times are rough, we'll find a solution
  • Our local reputation and ability to conduct business is dependent on your satisfaction

Additionally, we're a local bank that embraces local values. We see our customers every day in the community; products and services that we offer locally, we also support locally.

Current Interest Rates

as of January 20, 2023
New or Expanding Local Business Loans
Maximum Loan Amount Maximum Term Variable Rate
$3 Million 3 years* As low as 2% under WSJ Prime**
* After the initial 3 year term, loan will convert to traditional loan terms.
** Wall Street Journal Prime is based on corporate loans by at least 70% of the largest 10 U.S. Banks. The rate is maintained and posted online by