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Did you see a rate special at Luana Savings Bank that you'd like to take advantage of, but already have a loan? Stop in to discuss refinancing options! We work with loans from other financial institutions, as well as your existing loans with us.

Why Refinance?!

Local Service

When you bank with Luana Savings Bank, you bank locally.
You'll receive local benefits and you know that we're working hard to earn your trust and help you succeed. You'll work with a Loan Officer that has 6 or more years of experience; that same loan officer will be there for you during good times, and bad.

Lower Rates

Money saved over time.
Over the course of your remaining loan term, refinancing at a lower rate will save you money.

For example: A 25-year home loan on an $85,000 property financed at a fixed rate of 6.0% APR at 10 years of the original term remaining represents $16,390 of interest remaining (in addition to principle).

The same loan, refinanced at 5.0% APR for the remaining 10 years, represents $13,457 of interest, lowering the monthly payment from $548 to $524. Or, maintaining the same payment of $548, the loan would be paid off 6 months early AND save another $817!

Depending on when you refinance in the duration of your loan, it's quite possible to save several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

JUST REMEMBER- No matter where or how you decide to borrow or refinance loans, money saved in the short term could be money lost if the financial institution doesn't remain by your side every step of your journey.
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