We performed an Online Banking upgrade on Monday, November 8th. If you had an Online Banking account before this and have not yet logged in on or after November 8th, log in using this website using the link (moblie) or field (desktop) above. In some instances, customers will receive important prompts that will assist in your first login.
The App was upgraded on November 8th; please uninstall the old app, and re-download the new app. Due to technology introduced in the new app, the old app is not able to upgrade itself.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks any time of day in the comfort of your own home from an Android or iOS device!
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Please remember to properly endorse your item, or it will be rejected:

   Mobile Deposit
   Luana Savings Bank

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Mobile Deposit Free?

A: You will not be charged by Luana Savings Bank, so long as you do not use the system excessively. Maximum usage limits and charges, if set, will be published in our Fee Schedule. Check with your mobile service provider for data usage fees and restrictions.

Q: How soon will funds be available after a deposit?

A: The Mobile Deposit cutoff time is 2 PM Central Time. Items deposited before the cutoff time will generally have funds made available the following business day. For example, if you submit a deposit at 1:00 PM Central Time on Friday, funds will be available Monday. However, if you submit a deposit at 2:01 PM Central Time on Friday, funds will not become available until the following Tuesday.

Q: Are there limits or restrictions?

A: Luana Savings Bank offers this feature to customers who have acceptable credit worthiness or banking history with us. Furthermore, dollar limits and item limits are in place for your protection and ours; we will contact you if a limit is exceeded.

Q: How do I endorse (or sign) the back?

A: Checks MUST be endorsed using this pattern or funds may be delayed or withheld altogether:

    Mobile Deposit
    Luana Savings Bank

Q: What happens if an item is rejected?

A: Luana Savings Bank may reject an item if it is endorsed incorrectly, would cause you to exceed a limit, the check is not made out to you, or another valid reason. If an item is rejected, you will be required to bring that item into one of our branches or mail it to us for it to be deposited.

Q: Can I deposit a Tax Refund check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check?

A: Items issued by the US Treasury, including Tax Refund Checks, may not be deposited via Mobile Deposit. Money Orders and Cashier's checks are also not eligible for Mobile Deposit. If you deposit an ineligible item, it will be rejected.