Online Banking

Manage your accounts 24/7 in the comfort of your own home or on the road!

Getting Started with Online Banking

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  2. Online Banking Comparison
  3. Read FAQ for more Information


  1. You must have a valid, active deposit/loan account(s) at Luana Savings Bank.
  2. A current, manufacturer-supported web browser including: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Android and iOS users - consider using our Mobile App!
  3. Online Banking does NOT require Java™, Flash™, Silverlight™, nor any other framework technology. HOWEVER, viewing statements DOES requires a PDF viewer which may either be built into your web browser or installed separately.
  4. You must enroll online (see below).
  5. PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for understanding and correcting changes to your Internet Browser's default settings, or installation or use of 3rd party web browser tools, configuration utilities, and plug-ins all of which may have the capability to interfere with the proper operation of Online Banking and similar websites.

Enroll in Online Banking

  1. Click "Enroll" underneath the OnlineBanking Username/Password Inputs at the top of any page.
  2. Follow the directions to complete your enrollment.
  3. For your security, you will not be able to log into Online Banking until we've reviewed your request and enabled your account. Please allow at least one business day.

Online Banking Comparison

- Know the right tool for the job!
Telephone Tablet and Smartphone Smart Phone with Envelope Cursor selecting web browser URL
Mobile Benefits Call Direct Mobile App Text Banker Online (Website)
Full-Featured Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Doesn't Require Data Plan/
Connection nor Smart Phone
Green checkmark Green checkmark
Available 24/7 Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Feature Comparison Call Direct Mobile App Text Banker Online (Website)
Check Balances Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Limited Account Inquiry Green checkmark
Full Account Inquiry Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Transfer to/from your Internal Accounts Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Transfer to/from External Accounts Green checkmark Green checkmark
Send pre-configured Bill Pay Payment Green checkmark Green checkmark
Fully Utilize Bill Pay Green checkmark Green checkmark
Send/Receive Secure Messages Green checkmark Green checkmark
Commercial Features Green checkmark
Reorder Checks Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark
Mobile Deposit - New! Green checkmark

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Online Banking Free?

A: We do not assess any fees for basic online banking (view balances, view statements, transfer balances among Luana Savings Bank accounts); feel free to log in as many times as you want, any time during the day, weekends, and holidays! Please note that some online banking features, such as Bill Pay, may have fees associated with them as published within our fee schedule. An Internet connection is required; check with your Internet service provider for applicable fees.

Q: How do I enroll in Online Banking?

A: Please click the "Enroll" link found at the top of every page. We believe your security is most important; after you complete the enrollment form, we'll contact you to verify your details before fully activating your account. This may take at least one business day.

Q: I've entered my password incorrectly too many times and now I am locked out.

A: We value your security; please contact the location nearest to you for assistance.

Q: I've forgotten my Online Banking password; How do I reset it?

A: FROM A REGISTERED COMPUTER (one which you've logged into after entering a received Secure Access Code), Enter your username and click "Log In". On the following page, check the "Forgot Password" box below the "Password" field. You may also contact the location nearest to you for assistance.

Q: What is a Secure Access Code, and why must I keep receiving a new one?

A: One method in which we can verify your identity is to send a 6-digit, "Secure Access Code" to a registered form of communication (phone number, etc.) you have on file with us. We require you to prove your identity in this manner the first time you use our New Online Banking system. We also use this feature to verify your identity when you log in from an unknown computer. If you continually log in from the same computer and same web browser but receive a message to authenticate with a Secure Access Code, there may be an issue related to 'Cookies'. Learn more about cookies

Q: Why must I Always obtain a Secure Code to Log In?

A: Online Banking, along with many websites on the Internet, requires "cookies" to operate most effectively. Learn more about cookies

Q: When will additional, advanced features become available?

A: Our foremost priority is to provide a useful Electronic Banking Platform for checking account activity and transferring funds. We continue to closely monitor Customer needs and the Financial Industry, and will continue to implement additional, relevant features in the future. Please Contact Us if you have a suggestion!

Q: How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

A: To enroll in Bill Pay, you must have an Online Banking account. If you don't have an online banking account, please Enroll. Once logged into Online Banking, follow the links to enroll for Bill Pay. Learn about Bill Pay and fees.

Q: I can't log into Online Banking

A: Check to make sure you are able to load other websites on the Internet in a timely manner, that they look correctly when loaded, and that the problem is not localized to your network. Also, ensure that cookies are enabled. Learn more about cookies. If you continue to experience issues, try downloading and installing another web browser, or accessing your Online Banking from another computer.

Q: Do you offer Mobile Banking?

A: Yes! If you use an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, or if you use an Android device, such as a Smartphone or Tablet, you can download the "Luana Savings Bank" app from your respective app store. You may also log into Online Banking with a web browser like Safari or Chrome on your mobile device - simply rotate the device into landscape orientation to access the log-in field at the top of our website. If you do not use a 'Smart' device, or you do not subscribe to a 'Data Plan', you can still bank with us on the road, 24/7, using Text Banker or Touch-tone Banker.

Q: How does Mobile Deposit work?

A: Mobile Deposit allows you to use our Android or iOS app to take a photo of the front and back of a check and deposit that check electronically without stepping foot inside of the bank! Visit Mobile Deposit for details and to learn more.

Q: Can I synchronize my transactions with Intuit products like Quicken or QuickBooks?

A: Yes, using one of two methods: "Web Connect" or "Direct Connect". Web Connect is a method in which a QFX or QBO file is manually exported from Online Banking, then manually imported into Intuit's Quicken (QFX file) or QuickBooks (QBO file). Direct Connect allows automatic synchronization from within Intuit's Quicken or QuickBooks and requires your Online Banking username and password to function. In accordance with our Online Banking Agreement, please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for all transactions executed under your credentials, even if those are performed fraudulently. Therefore, if you share your Online Banking username and password with Intuit, and if Intuit were to experience a security issue resulting in fraudulent transactions, or if Intuit mistakenly transfers funds on your behalf, you are solely responsible for those transactions and any losses.

As always, we have staff available to assist you during business hours. To expedite requests, or in areas where you may not have reliable data coverage, don't hesitate to Contact Us!