Shazam Brella (previously known as BOLT$)

Further protect your Luana Savings Bank debit card accounts with SHAZAM Brella!  Brella offers convenient debit card management wherever the road may take you!

Brella is only for managing your debit card. If you'd like to make deposits, check balances, or initiate transfers, please install our Online Banking Mobile App.

PLEASE NOTE: Shazam BOLT$ is being renamed Brella on May 1st. iOS users will receive the new app automatically while Android users will need to download Brella manually. Any usernames, passwords, cards, or other settings you've created with BOLT$ will transfer to Brella.

Luana Savings Bank debit card holders can use SHAZAM Brella for the following:

  1. Transaction Control - Turn debit cards on or off, temporarily blocking future transactions if a card has been lost or you're away from home.
  2. 24/7 Fraud Alerts - Receive fraud alerts via e-mail, text, or app notifications.
  3. Transaction Alerts - Configure custom alerts to be notified of purchases and account activity via e-mail, text message, or app notifications.
  4. Check Debit Card Account Balances
  5. Search for ATM Locations Nationwide

Access SHAZAM Brella conveniently through:

Download Shazam Brella Quick Guide